michael kordatos

Michael is known for his dark blond/brown hair and green eyes with those long lashes. He is a very outgoing, spontaneous young boy who loves to challenge himself in his sport, academics and anything that he might be faced with. He enjoys making people laugh, and can be a real charmer.
He did drama lessons with ZelB and enjoyed it very much. His passion is dancing, and is taking hip-hop lessons, hoping to one day make it a successful career in “animation” dance style. Through this he wants to help less fortunate children one day to develop their dreams through dancing and music.  
He is currently in grade 6, and goes to Milton Primary, where he is a soccer star. He also enjoys cricket and athletics.  Michael is doing very well in his academics too. His favourite subjects are Afrikaans and Mathematics.   
Michael enjoys skateboarding and riding his bmx bike, trying new tricks and movements all the time. Playing guitar is another way he lives out his passion. Michael loves to try new things, and has discovered that being in front of the camera is really a great way to show off his talents.

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