pieter hougaard

Pieter showed a very large interest in the arts from a very young age and always held impromptu shows for his family in his bedroom. In 2006 he was the main character in his pre primary school concert, he played the roll of Klasvakie. He took part in Eisteddfods form Grade 00 to Grade 7 and received diplomas most of the time. In 2009 he started playing Keyboard and started exams in Grade 5 where he received 96% for his first practical exam. In 2014 he started to show more interest on the piano because he got more exposure to it when he went to High School, he has been awardedhis Grade 3 Trinity guildhall practical exam and his Grade 3 Unisa Theory exam. He decided to stop playing exams in Grade 8 and kept on doing music for fun but is still doing exam level pieces for his school practical exam-as he has music as a subject at school- and is currently doing his Grade 6/7 Unisa Piano and also his Grade 6/7 Rock School Keyboard. Pieter is also doing his Grade 4 Unisa theory exam this year. He did the acting on screen course with Lelia Etsebeth and Jacques Bessenger as well as the 7de Laan course with Karin Retief and Johan Engelbrecht, these courses taught Pieter a lot about the industry as well as how to act on camera. He made his debut in the South African film industry in 2014 when he played the roll of Kevin Cilliers in Verskietende ster. It was a great experience for him and that made him fall in love with drama even more. He is very involved at the drama department in his school and is currently in Grade 10 in Helpmekaar Kollege. He played in a Tienertoneel last year. He is playing the role of the steph sister in his schools Pantomime this year and Drama is also his best subject on school. Pieter is an outgoing, hard working, opportunistic, driven and talkative young man. Drama is top priority in Pieter’s life and his motto is definitely “Eat, Sleep, Drama”, Pieter very much hopes to make a career out of acting and can’t wait to see what’s coming in his career.

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