ayanda vilakazi

Ayanda Vilakazi also known as Yaya is a South African Actor born in 1994 and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, Ndwedwe, Kwa Nodwengu Area. He obtained his Diploma in Drama and Productions in 2016 at Durban University of Technology, found his love for acting at the age of 14 where he got inspired by a TV show ‘Class Act’. He got on a professional stage for the first time ever in 2014 performing Have you seen Zandile in a Children theatre play festival at Court yard theatre. He believes that discipline and hard work is what makes him a good actor and he was born to entertain and tell global stories on stage and TV/film. He has participated in numerous Theatre productions, including House of hunger of directed by an award winner Roel Twistjer, Have you seen Zandile, Ikhwela Labalozi, Spirit and Bones, Dance Drama to name a few. He has had the great fortune to get to be an Assistant director for Mr and Miss Durban University of technology and also got to direct Zakes Mda’s play, The dead end in his final year at the University.


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