bill chauke

Bill Mingos Chauke is a vibrant, fun and self-motivated individual who matriculated in the year 2012. Before he found his passion for acting he was involved in many entertainment productions at school and also during family gatherings where he was always made MC. He took a gap year to learn more about himself and his core interest in life which is entertainment. He has a diploma for Professional Acting for camera, he graduated in the year 2016. During his first year Bill has been involved in various student films, adverts and stage productions, landing himself lead roles. He has also been involved in dance productions like; Werk it, Strike back and Joy. After his graduation he has been cast in very big productions that are grooming him to be good at what he is born to do. He’s also a tenor singer, plays drums and bass guitar at his church. He is multi-lingual because he has been relocating from time to time and engaging with different cultures. Bill is indeed a multi-talented individual who knows what he wants in life. 


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