chad johnston

Chad Johnston lost a bet one day and his friend dared him to audition for his school’s major production, he hasn’t looked back since. He was seduced by the rush of being on stage in front of an audience. He was a part of three school productions and after he matriculated, Chad decided to pursue a career in acting as he registered as a drama student at the University of Pretoria. During his four years at Tuks, Chad has played various roles in productions such as Aspoestertjie, Lucidity (which won the KykNet award for best student production at the Krekvars-Kopanong student arts festival) a musical, Benjamin Walt. In his final year in Drama, Chad did his honours, majoring in screenwriting, directing and acting. He wrote and directed a production called Backline, which won an award for innovative work at the Krekvars-Kopanong festival. He also directed Homonculus, written by Dr Myer Taub and had a lead role in Raissa Brighi’s adaption of Cinderella.
He has developed various skills at Tuks and found other passions outside of drama such as journalism. He found that the skills he acquired as a performer helped him with the interviews he conducted while working for the university’s newspaper.
He was also exposed to radio and voice over work which soon became an aspect of interest as well as camera acting. Chad initially wanted to be a TV or radio presenter but in his last year at university, he was bitten by the acting bug once more. He hopes to write, act and direct and build a long career in the entertainment industry.

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