dylan badenhorst

He’s a young hard working motivated and talented individual he’s always been involved in the arts since pre-primary and participating in his schools revues. He has also worked behind the scene of the popular show “Hectic nine nine” with filming. 2017- He was part of a narrating group who narrated the afrikaans novel “Fiela se kind” 2016- He was part of his school’s Talent competition where he won the acting division. 2015- He was part of an Epic remake of the stunning Mamma Mia titled Mamma Magic. He’s also a great public speaker and MC as he achieved Presidency he is a team player, motivator and can handle short notices and lots of stress being an adopted child he feels that he can connect with all people from all walks of life. He has a strong value system and feels he can ultimately give back in life as he was so graciously blessed and knows that he will achieve success in this industry he lives by the following “From humble beginnings stars are made”


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