janus prinsloo

With a passion and hunger for the entertainment industry, Janus is eager to make a difference in this world. His interest started back in his youngster days when he took part as an extra in a college production. “Experiencing the life of another was intriguing, but playing a dead guy in the streets—so much fun”. And fun became a key aspect of his life, Janus truly believes that anything in life should have: Hard work, dedication, commitment and lots of laughter. He then decided to broaden his knowledge by joining Steele Model Studio in 2008; where he completed and received certificates in—Ramp, Photographic and Social Skills. This enabled him to embrace an even broader understanding towards the industry, and also landed him as a guest role on Hiekie a Reality show on MK-DSTV. He then also took part in the movie, Karate Kallie in 2009 as an extra. Janus felt that this was not even a drop in the ocean and thus decided to join Dynamic Dance Academy in 2010, where he received some training in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Pop’n’Lock. After performing a dance show in Cape Town, he then realised that he wanted more. In 2011, Janus enrolled with Oakfields College, where he received numerous training in; acting, dance, movement, vocals, radio broadcasting, journalism, business management, make-up & special effects, screenwriting, fitness, theatre and film. Scoring several distinctions, he was also awarded the Golden Oak Award for Best Actor in 2012. After graduation Janus quickly found himself as a body double/extra in 2 international movies; The Salvation, Directed by; Kristian Levring (Release Date, 2014). Chappie, Directed by; Neill Blomkamp (2015). He took part in a few episodes of High Rollers (2013), showing on SABC 3—Playing the role of Barney and acted out a role in BLOED BROERS (2015). Followed by a commercial for SAA and a ABSA Currie Cup Promo. Janus may not have all the professional show biz background yet, but he certainly does show a substantial amount of invigorating talent and perseverance. He is on the threshold of his new career and finds himself to be quite the dreamer living by three words: Faith, Hope and Destiny.

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