karabo selolo

Born and bread in the streets of Kempton Park, Karabo as a young boy was always destined to do great things. As a kid he was obsessed with Micheal Jackson, he would dress up in his only black pants and put on an old glove that used to be his dad’s and start imitating Micheal’s dance moves. At school, karabo was a very mischievous but highly intellectual boy. His teachers would complain daily that his attitude didn’t resemble his academic ability and gift. Eistedford was his forte and public speaking was something he found very easy to do from a young age. In high school, Karabo started developing his love for art more and more alongside his love for sports. Soccer was his dream but acting and drama was something he did for fun during school plays and talent shows. His first big role came in a theatre production called ‘The Glory and the Fire’ held at Christian family Church in 2010. The theatrical production is an annual event and is a big budget iniative that is held on a professional level. Karabo then also joined the camera crew at Christian family Church to see things from behind the lens. A lot of roles as an extra on the acclaimed etv television series Scandal soon followed. But Karabo soon realized he wanted more than being just an extra and in 2016 he decided to take his acting career more seriously.The experience he gained plays a large role in how He performs when in front of the camera because he understands the dynamics and techniques of cinematography both technically and creatively. Karabo is blessed with the gift of interpreting a story in a real and emotional way which allows him to bring out the deep emotions from his audience hearts as they are drawn in to his passion and charisma and though still in the early stages of his fledgling career, Karabo has managed to gain a faithful following on social media through his visual uploads and content. When not in front or behind the camera Karabo can be found in studio recording music with the hip-hop artist he manages by the name of ‘Touchline’. Music and entertainment are karabo’s biggest passions and he strives to become the best at what he does.

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