lyle edwards

Lyle is a handsome young man with the drive and passion for the arts industry where putting smiles on people’s faces brings joy to his heart. Lyle is a hard worker and perseveres through any challenge that he is given. He is known for getting out of his comfort zone and exploring new boundaries. Lyle knew at the age of 11 that performing will be his first choice of career although his potential for cricket was great. During his school career he participated in talent shows and art festivals. He then studied Dramatic Arts from grade 10 to 12 at General Smuts High School. Lyle has certainly left his mark on City Varsity, School of Media and Creative Arts where he completed his Diploma in Professional Acting for Camera. During the two years at City Varsity he has matured into a disciplined and versatile actor. He was commended for his excellent portrayal of the character “Romeo” in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as well as “Johnny” in Athol Fugards play “Hello and Goodbye” in his final year of Study. He is no stranger when it comes to performing in front of the camera; he has been the lead actor in many short student film productions during his years of study. He also writes and performs poetry. Lyle has featured in two movement pieces created by Kieron Jina, “Werk IT” (2014-2015) and “Strike Back” (2015) that was performed at the Wits downstairs theatre. Lyle enjoys becoming versed with cinematography and other technical aspects concerning the performing arts. Lyle’s dream is to leave a legacy as a successful and influential actor in South Africa and abroad.

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