marcel jordaan

He always dreamed about greater things, but never did anything about it. Throughout his life he was always told to grow up; “It’s not realistic…” - they would tell him. Unfortunately he listened to them and threw away all hope he had left of doing what he loved. Throughout high school Marcel was the class clown and loved being the center of attention. Friends came easy and being popular wasn’t a problem. After graduating (2012) he had no idea what to do with his life and decided to take a gap year in Pretoria at Hatfield Christian Church called Year of Your Life (2013). There he learned about cultures from all over the world and found his particular interest in South-Korean culture. He went on outreach to the worst parts of Mozambique and learned what it means to have life as a sole possession. His passion for children and young ones realized there as he spent much time with them in the villages. Still wandering, finding his place, he enrolled at the University of Pretoria to study a BSc Mathematics degree. It lasted 2 years and he experienced the campus life of a student. Marcel has always been profoundly interested in people, their behaviour and their culture and university is where he found the many masks that people wear to be part of what he wanted none of. During that time he also rediscovered his passion for music and became a permanent drummer at Christian Revival Church; home to about 5000 believers (2014-2015). It took him a few years, but he found himself somewhere along the way and decided to leave everything he was involved in and move to Vereeniging, his home town, to start his journey as full-time actor and musician. He began his journey and became a part time youth worker in Vereeniging Gimnasium high school; learning and teaching to be a humble leader and in that satisfying his love for young people and earning an income (2016). Marcel believes in honesty, as it brings out your true qualities; his being hard-working and dedication. He knows what he wants and will do his best to improve himself whenever and wherever he can. He believes that no one is ever a master at what they do. He aims to prove himself wrong and master the abilities and gifts he’s been given.

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