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Metanoia is a multi-dimensional performing artist and entertainer on stage, through music and motion picture. He started with public speaking and poetry at the age of 6 which was the foundation of his stage presence and artistic craft. This quickly evolved into music when he took up choral singing and piano lessons. By 8 years old he had lent his voice to numerous performances including recording a Christmas album for a school production. These events and the primary school he attended afforded him the opportunity to be classically trained in music whilst performing a variety of styles and genres for audiences across the city and later the country.  Back in his home town of Butterworth, the church had already recognized how his talent for speaking naturally translated into acting during their annual Easter and Christmas theatrical plays and so when when he was 10, he auditioned for his first musical (We've Got To Get Rid of the Witch) and was cast as an understudy for the lead. Only two years later, he auditioned for a professional production of the musical Grease in which he got cast in the ensemble.  Through the determination and sacrifices of his single mother, he was afforded the opportunity to attend one of the best high schools in South Africa, at which he continued with his choral singing and, as early as 8th grade, he became inducted into the elite singing group of the school The Duke of Cornwall Singers. With this he got trained with private vocal coaches and undertook examinations with Trinity College London. Also afforded to him for the first time was the opportunity to take Dramatic Arts as a subject in which he wrote and co-produced his first stage play at age 13 with a few more that would follow in the school years.  His skill set continued to expand as he began to train in sound engineering, lighting design for stage, stage management and production management for the various theatrical shows and live events he would perform and participate in. Outside of school he would participate in various arts and culture competitions as well as occasionally feature as audience and guest on the national television broadcaster SABC 1's prime youth show YoTV.  Leaving high school he'd continue with his love for entertainment in college by studying producing for film and television in conjunction with his majors in business management and brand strategy all whilst interning and freelancing on film and television sets as crew. In his last year of college he returned to training and performing as an artist when he was accepted into the Stageworx School of Performing Arts to pursue his diploma's (consecutive qualifications) in musical theatre once again through Trinity College London. In this year he'd feature in various musical performances in festivals (Ruimsig Easter Festival) and theaters (Lyric Theatre - Night with the Stars) as well as being a voice-over artist and MC. His most notable booking of the year 2017 was the home renovation reality TV show Reno Race for the channel SABC 1 where he was co-host of the program which aired to over 5 million viewers each week. And this is just the beginning. With ambitions to be a force to reckon with in television, theatre, film and music, Metanoia is looking as far as owning his own holding company of arts, media & entertainment businesses and becoming a thought leader on Creative Economics so as to catalyst the growth of creative careers in Africa. His purpose :  To Inspire, Create and Entertain, through Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship and Design for the betterment of humanity and in honor of My Creator.

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