morné vogel

Morné Vogel is a South African actor who recently graduated from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He discovered his passion for acting when he was fifteen and joined the drama club at his high school. Since then Morné has devoted himself to his craft and went on to perform in two national competitions which allowed him to represent his country in New York City. While in the city he got a scholarship at his conservatory which granted him his Associates degree two years later. Since graduation, Morné has been a part of multiple New Media projects and is also currently working on his own web series (Knotted). He was in the 2017 Effies awards commercial as well as an online Tropicana social experiment showcased by Ashton Kutcher and Adam Levine. Morné has recently signed with British American Talent Management and will use this new milestone to further his craft and career.

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