nicho barnard

Nicho is an ambitious, hard working and very passionate Actor, Director, Producer, Writer and Singer. After hearing the word “No” so often, he never gave up and continued to preserve through stormy waters to achieve success and reach his goals. From a young age Nicho always knew that the arts, especially Singing and Acting is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. A Goal that has never changed. Nicho started falling in love with Theater and after appearing in the Rock and Roll Musical “Grease” in 2009 and in the Broadway Musical “Disney’s Beauty and The Beast” in 2011 as the leading role of “Cogsworth” the British Character, Nicho decided to pursued the arts more fully. At the age of 16, Nicho grabbed the bull by the horns and directed and produced his very first musical theater production titled “Fame” (2011) which receive major positive critic and the show was sold out. This made Nicho one of the youngest theater directors in history. Followed by that, Nicho ventured into the industry more fully, doing extra work and cameo appearances in TV Shows such as Muvangho, Generations and also doing an ad campaign for the Kyknet Reality Music Program “Kom ons Karioke”. Nicho went on to study Directing & Writing through City Varsity, Directing and Producing for Musical Theatre through the Trinity College of Arts in London and also finished several other courses such as an Advance Diploma in Event Management and a Private Pilot License. In 2017, Nicho was selected and had the opportunity to start studying a Writing for Television Masters Class in New York, hosted by legendary TV Showrunner “Shonda Rhimes”. Nicho has made a few appearances on several Television Commercials in the past year and also made cameo appearances in a Kyknet Silwerskerm film “Die man met die snor”. Nicho also played a supporting role as “Detective Clarke” in The Crossing’s first pilot episode in 2016 and also made an appearance in two big short films, “A Glass Half Full” and “The Tate Experiment”, both films which Nicho also directed and produced. Both films won numerous awards and was selected to go overseas for several festivals. Throughout the years, Nicho also appeared in theatre work, playing the role of Ravi in a modern musical called “Once Upon A Song” in 2015, which Nicho also directed. The show received international accreditation and recognition and Nicho won two awards for Best Male Character in a Musical and Best Supporting Actor in a Musical. Nicho also played the leading role of Seymour in the Sci-Fi Musical “Little Shop of Horrors” in 2016. Throughout Nicho has show that he is a man of perseverance and commitment. He is ambitious and strives to work hard and make a difference in the industry. Not just for himself, but for others. He continuously work on growing and bettering himself to not be better than anyone else, but to be the best version of himself and apart from his qualifications and experiences, have also had the opportunity to be on major big Hollywood Sets such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with Milla Jovovichand the Seige of Jadotville with Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey). Nicho will be starring as Finn Riley (Supporting Actor) in an upcoming new Drama-Thriller TV Series titled Obsession which set to be released on Amazon Video in 2018. Not only will Nicho be an actor on the show, but Nicho is also the creator and Showrunner of the TV Series which makes him one of the youngest showrunners in Television History. Nicho has achieved and accomplished so much in numerous aspects of his life including his Singing Career and he has overcome many obstacles and still fight the good fight to make a difference. He is an inspiration to many that meet him, not because of all of his accomplishments and achievements, but because he has all of those accomplishments and achievements and he is only 22-years old.

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