poelo mofolo

Poelo Mofolo attended Act1 Drama studio in Krugersdorp from the time he was in grade 7 until he completed Grade 12. During that time he took part in Speech and Drama festivals and examinations offered by Speech and Drama College (SA). His festival results were good, with his Matric year Performance programme gaining not only a prestige certificate but a special mention by the adjudicator because of his good voice and a very moving portrayal of Thami in My Children, My Africa. From Grade 8 to 12 Poelo took the Oral Communication examinations of the Speech and Drama College (SA), which are group examinations involving a combination of Acting and Public speaking. He has thus had training in both solo and ensemble work as well as varying aspects of the performing arts. Poelo always did very well in these examinations, generally obtaining over 80%. He was a dedicated student to whom performance came naturally. He has a strong stage presence with an ability to focus completely and immerse himself in a role. His work ethic was excellent during his time at Act1 Drama studio and since his further studies at Oakfied College he has at times returned to the studio to teach some classes, to which the response from class members has always been very positive.

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