ruben pieterse

Ruben is a sport, nature, party and entertainment fanatic. What he has experienced in his short career so far has left him overjoyed after every show , talent competition or school production. He is a hard worker. He will not give anything else but his best. He has been singing almost from being in diapers. In school some teachers asked him to sing in front of the class when there was no more work to be done. Yeah, he was a shy boy. But not even shyness could keep him from doing what he learned to love so much. So he became the lead in the primary school play. He even got to be Elvis on the headmasters birthday singing: ‘Blue suede shoes’. He attended vocal coaching lessons from a young age and right through his high school career. High school was a blast for his creative side, being in a couple of garage bands, played in small gigs like ‘40 days’ and even some school festivals. During this time he also discovered his passion for making music. He started learning guitar after joining the church band. 2 years later he was leading the band every Sunday. After that, he started playing around on drums, ukulele and even the harmonica. In the beginning of grade 12, he joined ‘Fad Inc BPSE Broadway Experience’. So his love for acting was announced. Never acted a day before in his life. But that didn’t stop him because passion gave him perseverance, joy prevented him from giving up and the artist in him made it WOW.

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