thamsanqa mathonsi

He’s a focused and dedicated young artist who cherishes his art. Having been a prominent rugby player in both Primary School and High School. He decided to venture in to music and Drama after being selected to be a part of the KZN Youth Choir when He was in Grade 8 at Pinetown Boys High. This then kindled a passion for the arts that He did not know He had. Thamsanqa decided to Join the musicals held by both Pinetown Boys and Pinetown Girls for 4 years which then convinced him to further pursue his studies in Music and Drama. Thamsanqa enrolled at the University of KwaZulu-Natal to study a BA Music and Drama degree of which he is currently doing his second year. At the beginning of his first year he was a part of a play written and directed by Themi Venturas, called “DE Compleat Hstry of Durban”. This year he was apart of Idols SA Season 12 as a Top 16 contestant ,this opened up a lot of opportunities for him as he was also a Voice over Artist for The Voice South Africa season 2 this year. Thamsanqa is looking to further his career as well as grow and expand his knowledge of the Industry, because he believes that talent alone is not enough.

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