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Corné Koegelenberg grew up in Oudtshoorn, a small town situated in the Little Karoo. In high school he stated making short videos with his friends to beat the boredom. The Karoo is not an oasis for acting so he had to act in his own movies. This sparked an immediate passion for acting. 
After school he moved to Cape Town to study film & TV production. While directing and writing his short films he realised how much he missed acting and so he started to act in his classmate’s short films. He eventually joined an agency to get more experience on bigger productions and quickly starred in numerous television commercials. After he completed his film course he was involved with numerous smaller productions to gain more experience. After 3 years in Cape Town Corné moved to Gauteng in order to get more involved with the local South African Film and TV industry. Since his arrival he has appeared in a Honda Brio commercial and in 2012 he was the lead in an afrikaans short film, Like my Profile, that premiered at KykNET’s Silwerskermfees in Camp’s Bay. After that project he focused most of his time on writing, writing numerous blogs, columns and Televsiion series. He made his way back to the Silwerskermfees in 2014, directing a short film he wrote named Eenrigting.


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