daniel kekana

Daniel Kekana, born and raised in Limpopo is an aspiring, passionate actor received his training from University of Pretoria where he did theatre and acting on camera. During his study years, he was involved in numerous productions, the likes of T.I.F, TFD and other theater productions and also starred in student films. Upon completing his BA Drama Course in 2008, he appeared in the following television adverts, Wimpy, IDC, Nandos and Vaselihe. He also did cameo roles at the following soapies, 7de Laan, Isidingo, Scanda, Roer Jou Voete and Z’bondiwe. Daniel is not only just into acting, he is into music as well, he is a very talented rap artist who raps in both Sepedi and English, he goes by the name DMK. His young and growing music career has seen him appear in a local music show Jam Alley where he finished first and second in two different episodes as a contestant. His commercial rap will get you bouncing up and down. He is currently working on his music so keep your ears glued to your radio. Daniel is also a great public speaker and makes a great host (MC) for events. During 2015 and 2016, he was working as an ambassador for LG Electronics SA. They held Global Best Promoter awards in Jordan, Korea and Dubai. He came 3rd in Jordan (Middle East Africa Promoter Awards), he came 1st in Korea (Global Best Promoter Awards) making him the best promoter in the world. He went on to represent LG South Africa in Dubai, again coming 1st (INNOFEST 2016). He has great stage presence that captivates the audience to the very end.


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