donovan smit

2010 Drama Graduate, Donovan Smit, performed in theatre productions such as LIKE SHOW BUSINESS for the Grahams Town National Arts Festival, directed by Michelle Ayden. He served as a DJ at Tuksfm during 2009 and 2010. He has also earned his Gauteng colours in chess. Donovan has an in depth love for Mother Nature and when not participating in hiking trails you can find him camping out with his friends. He possesses a tremendous interest for all forms of literature. On the more extreme side of matters Donovan enjoys any adventure that promises the definite release of adrenalin. In 2014 Donovan traveled coast to coast in alignment with the “what’s your #Fantataste" like roadshow with a band of actors performing in rural areas and townships for three months. In 2015 Donovan continued exploring his country with a different theatre company performing the recommended Matric reading modalities in a farce show all over South Africa. When Donovan is not actively pursuing his acting career you can find him behind the camera spying through the aperture eye.


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