eljerel naidoo

It’s been one hell of a ride for Eljerel Naidoo, the young South African born actor who’s claim to fame was back in the ’07; His photo, alongside a handful of 30 kids, appeared in People’s magazine’s miscellaneous section. They were all asked the question “How should you treat girls?”, to which he responded, “very nicely” …riveting. After matriculating from Saint Stithians College with a distinction in drama (practical), he was greatly inspired by his grade 12 drama teacher that advised him to pursue acting after high school. His Indian parents acknowledged the news and later enrolled him at the University of South Africa for Business Management as well as a commercial pilot program at Flight Training Services. After completing his studies, Eljerel had his passion for acting rekindled after watching his favourite television show, ‘Suits’. This later lead him to play a judge on the SABC 3 hit show, ‘High Rollers’. Eljerel’s diverse approach, analytical attributes and careful craftsmanship to acting has not gone unnoticed and thus, landed him the title of being a raw, versatile actor. Aside from acting, Eljerel is also a keen musician. A graduate of Trinity College (London) ‘Rock School’ for drumming, occasional guitar player, and music producer.

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