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Emilé started performing at the age of 5, singing in front of the congregation at the local NG church hall. He competed in numerous eisteddfods after that, singing popular music solo's and started with Opera voice training at the age of 9, with South-African Soprano, Julia Bekker-Delport. This led to him enrolling at the University of Pretoria in 2008, and completing his degree in Drama/Performing arts in 2010. Emilé landed all the big roles during his studies at the University of Pretoria, including Reverend Paris in The Crucibal directed by Pieter Brand, and Christopher Isherwood in I am a Camera directed by Dr Estelle Zeeman. In his last year of study he landed the role of Larry in Closer (Hegter) directed by Andre Stolz, which proofed him to be a pedigree theatre actor. In 2012 Emilé will be returning to the University of Pretoria to do his Honors degree in Drama and Films studies, specialising in Acting, Directing and Writing for the Media.
Outside of the University Emilé performed as Back-up vocalist for Mel Botes and Ghappi in the Rock-Opera: Davids Confession. He also performed in an Idustrial theatre piece regarding woman abuse for the South- African Post Office and made his modeling debut doing fashion ramp modeling at the State Theatre for TUT's annual fashion showcase.
In 2011 Emilé made his Screen debut in Deon Opperman's Hartland directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven. He also played the Proffesor in Hardloop Dominee  a touring theatre piece directed by Shereen Swart. At the moment he is busy with proffesional puppet theatre for children where he does the voices and handles the puppets for Sarel Seemonster in Wielie Walie, Bakkies and Moeder raaf in Haasdas se nuuskas and Wurmpie and Potifant in Babalela. He will also be seen in Blink! an educational theatre piece in 2012.
Emilé is also a up and coming writer and Director with much potential. At the Univeristy of Pretoria's annual Krekvars Arts festival he wrote and directed and played in Blood resolve a black comedy about a murdering maid in 2009, and he also wrote, directed and played in Tomato Tomato a comedy about  a odd couple. He also created a show called Salome, which was an improvisational comedy with no rehearsals or script. A first for the festival.


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