gavin gomes

After studying at A.F.D.A School of Motion Picture, Gavin went on to start his search for a career in Acting. His first professional stage performance came in the form of the fast paced English farce, “What the Butler Saw.” Gavin played the role of a bell boy who gets caught up in the comedic drama that unfolds between the characters which won him an award for ‘Best Supporting Actor.’ Gavin went on to feature in music videos and other projects with well known bands such as ‘The Parlatones’ and ‘Fokofpolisiekar.’ After realizing this kind of industry moved faster in Johannesburg, he decided to pack up his things and flex his many talents there. Gavin got involved at the Johannesburg Theatre complex - the Peoples Theatre - performing to younger audiences. Gavin went on to get continuous work at the theatre landing lead roles in all of the productions. His best roles came as ‘Colonel Harthi’, ‘King Louis’ and ‘Sheer Khan’ in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Her Von Cookoo’ in the ‘Gingerbread Man.’ In that time Gavin landed a role as drug dealer in an interesting Honors Film (from A.F.D.A) called ‘Strife’ which was bought by the M-net network and screened numerous times. Gavin then went on to land a role in ‘Rhythm City’ on E-tv as a character by the name of ‘Jean-Fabrice’ in which he featured a total of 11 episodes for the South African Soapie/Drama. He was then assigned to play a small role in an American feature, still to be released, called ‘Outpost 37.’ After discussions with the director Gavin was pulled for possible bigger roles in the sequel or prequel to come. Gavin is extremely versatile ranging from the ‘good guy romcom’ to the villainous scary characters to comical characters. Being very physically capable he can shape shift into whatever is required of him. Gavin is also very good with his voice and his singing ability is still in progress. He is able to transform his own voice to the needed specifications, he also does accents very well and can also beat box, he is also interested in doing voice overs for animations. Gavin is a dedicated actor, constantly sharpening his skills all round and is definitely one to keep an eye on in the fast approaching future.

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