henk dercksen

Being quite young Henk Dercksen received the opportunity to work with the David Gresham Music Group, as part of the Afrikaans Country Duo Heuning. During his school years Henk had leading roles in the school revue, and being able to do at least three different foreign accents, Henk succeeded himself in most Drama's during his school years. Henk has a natural feel when it comes to performing on stage and even better in front of the camera. Still being part of the Afrikaans Country Duo Heuning, Henk and his partner received the Ghoema Music award for the best Country album for 2013. Having his natural feel to music, showbiz and film Henk has quite a lot to offer any set, from a musical to a comedy film, Henk is able to succeed in any environment he is put in. A born entertainer! 

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