jan brink

After school, Jan decided to study languages. Big mistake. He should’ve gone for drama. So that’s what he did. He found he really enjoyed the theatre. He then became an actor. He won a prize once for being good at this. After his studies, he stayed on in his hometown, Bloemfontein, where he worked for the Varsity as part-time lecturer and events manager. The salary was good but this, too, was a mistake. He left for the Cape, where he quickly learned the meaning of free lancing. It was tough. Not like old biltong tough. Really tough, like penny-less-beggar-on-the-verge-of-selling-your-dignity-for-some lime-light tough. This was not a mistake though. This was Jan’s life now. He then went to Johannesburg. Here things seemed a little less tough. He made some friends who he liked and who seemed to like him. Jan has always quite enjoyed writing and once won a prize for this as well, so he started doing it for a living. He also dabbles in directing, which he has not won a prize for... yet. During his time in Jo’burg, he met the actor Marco Spaumer and, along with the actress, Lymari Alberts, the three of them started a small theatre company, Maskerteer Productions. In his professional career, he has worked with Gerben Kamper, Walter Strydom and Stephanie Brink, legendary theatre makers, all. He has played iconic roles like Saul Barnard in Kringe in ‘n Bos by Dalene Mathee and Village in The Blacks by Jean Genet. He knows his Shakespeare back to front, having played in a couple of them and written and directed such works as Is it Safe to Masturbate on an Electric Blanket and Mooi Annie respectively. He currently lives in Linden, where he works full time as an actor, part-time as a writer and sometimes as a director.

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