johan joubert

Johan is an aspiring South African actor. Driven and full of courage, he is always ready to face any challenging acting endeavour. Originating from Paarl, Cape Town, he started an academic approach to acting in 2007 and has since obtained a National Certificate, a National Diploma as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama at the acclaimed Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria. At a glance, Johan appears shy and mysterious, but he’s work ethic, professionalism and friendly demeanour has proven to be successful in anything he undertakes. He’s experience from Educational Children’s Theatre Productions to portraying the comedic role of Morrie in Sterlopers, as well as the thought provoking short film Eenrigting (KykNet Silwerskerm Fees) has not only proven his versatility as an actor, but also his respect for the Theatre and its followers.



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