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Louw Breytenbach is an avid performer and entrepreneur from Johannesburg. Louw’s flair for acting started very early on as he took acting classes from the 6th grade. This paid off tremendously, as the experience he gained from school theatre help him to qualify for the SA team of Performing Arts in 2005. After competing in Los Angeles, USA, in the World Championships at the age of 16, he was awarded with the Over All Performer of the world for age groups 16-24. In his final year of High school, he once again went to Los Angeles for acting classes as well as runway training from Michael Madox and regained his title as World Champion for age groups 16-24. As part of the prize he won a partial bursary for the New York School of Film and Television. For this he was awarded the Boksburg 5 Celebrity of the Year Award in the Arts category. In 2007 his first book, Volmaakte Gebrokenheid, was also published, a collection of poetry and short stories written when he was 17 and published shortly before his 18th birthday. In 2008 he completed the advanced Film & TV course offered Brumilda van Rensburg. In 2009 at the SA Championships of performing arts he was awarded Grand Champion Male Model and as part of his prize won a guest appearance on 7de Laan. In the same year he was cast in add campaigns for FNB Varsity Cup. In 2010 he went to New York to compete in the Talent America showcase hosted by Jane Eastwood. Here he won the GQ-look award as well as the acting performer of the year award. In 2011 he completed his three year Drama Licentiate Diploma at the top of his class from the South African Drama College. In 2012 he returned to New York for acting classes with Ron Milky (I Know What You Did Last Summer). In the same year he was chosen to be part of the elite South African Drama Guild and RAB (Raad van Afrikaanse Beoordelaars). Upon returning from New York, he was seen in Pages of Note, a 1940’s period-drama, which was performed at Krêkvars Festival (University of Pretoria). This production, was re-written and under direction of Jennis Williamson, was seen at the 2014 Fringe-Grahamstown National Arts Festival. In December of 2012 Louw was cast as Wilmpie in a children’s Theatre production of Kabous die Skelm Kerfeeskous directed by Elana Heyns. Stoute Posbus Produksies renewed his contract for the second production in 2013 of Die Avonture van Tjoekie en Katrien an education children’s production which was performed at various Afrikaans schools across South Africa. Louw continued with Stoute Posbus Produksies in three other comedy cabaret shows Vellies & Feathers and Vellies & Feathers: Bigger is better, and in 2015, Vellies & Feathers: The Pink Flamingo where he played the lead character. He was also the co-writer of these productions. Louw was the male lead in the student short film Die Onbepaalde directed by Anna van Achtenberg as well as the male lead in the 2014 short film Midnight Pretoria. Continuous training in film and television also includes a film workshop by Acting On Screen with Jaques Bessenger. With his ongoing self-published works throughout the years and certificates in journalism and creative writing he was asked by Media24 to work at “Tweesent” (a KKNK-festival website) as journalist to review shows in 2014. This also launched the newly formed initiative of Die Reviewer, a social media-entertainment website of which he is the founder and Editor in Chief. February 2014 brought along fashion shoots with renowned photographer, Karl van Heerden and Chilipix and was placed as the face of the clothing line Lablewhore. In May 2014 he was seen in the self-written show Die Derde Verdieping alongside Zoricke Snyman showcased at LALT and The Playhouse (Potchefstroom). 2015 also brought along the productions of Kersvader en Die Skemer Skattejag. Louw at the end of 2015 is seen as freelance Fashion Journalist on Africa News Networks entertainment program, BUZZ, as special expert and guest of #FashionMondays, and writes freelance for online publication SupermodelsSA. He also forms part of VIA TV’s (DSTV 147) brand new reality cooking show LEK JOU LIPPE AF alongside his team mate, Stephan Potgieter who is one of the four main contestants in this show where celebrities and models have a 12 week cook-off to see who will turn their flops into culinary masterpieces. Louw is also the owner of the intimate theatre venue, Live Arts Little Theatre, his own Cabaret Theatre Venue for up and coming artist and performers, this doubles as a drama school which has been successfully run for the past three years and now boasts with 100 students. 2016 Will also bring along new adventures as Louw takes on Stage Management at Theatre on The Bay for the brand new Pieter Dirk Uys musical, Die Van Aardes Van Grootoor. He is currently working on two new screenplays as writer, and was contracted as journalist and content writer, working on KKNK content for the 2016 festival. 2016 Also brought along a brand new adventure of the hit Australian show “I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here” for which Louw is the dry-run stand in and body double.

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