marno van der merwe

Marno Van Der Merwe has been in the professional acting and performing industry for four years, doing everything from TV, to Movies, stage drama's, musicals to even corporate singing and dancing events. Having received Provincial colours in horse riding, played first league club rugby for the Falcons and completing his S.A. weapon mastery course his athleticism makes for a great skill set when it comes to acting. He's equally handy with a guitar or drum-kit in front of him. Some of the Productions Marno have been a part of includes the movies Pretville,  Die Ballade Van Robbie De Wee, Liefling, The Road Warrior,  as well as Hartland the TV series and Sterlopers the TV series. Stage Drama's and musicals include big theatre productions such as David, Esther, Cinderella, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Reflections, The Mirror and I, Jesus the Musical, Liefling the musical, One Hit Wonders,  and THE Party Police to name just a few. Marno has recently co-written and directed his first TV movie Uit Die Kaskenades.


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