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Born in the Kwa-zulu Natal Province and raised in Zonkizizwe - Katlehong, Mlungisi Mathe, A.K.A Skandi Kid, is one of the best artists South Africa has witnessed, his passion and love for drama and storytelling has over the years seen him doing great works in the industry. “Acting has always been part of my life. I have a lot of people who invested in me and my craft. I excelled at most of my many and varied activities. I am known as a problem solver.” Says the 26 year old spark. Mlungisi took note of his craft at an early age thus considered himself an artist, when he was in High School. He was involved in almost every Art project and activities that took place at school and in the community. Besides being talented and active, Mathe learned most of his skills from the theatre group he was in at the time. In the year 2009, Mlungisi Mathe matriculated and he knew exactly what he wanted. He decided to enhance his skills and gain more knowledge on how to use his talent. Mlungisi joined Latatude Performing Arts Academy owned by well-known actor John Lata, where he was groomed and mentored by a number of great established artists in the industry. Mlungisi Mathe’s journey in the Film and Television industry has been productive and motivating as far as performance is concerned in all spheres. Elevating his craft has always been his first priority that he is still hungry for more knowledge and is eager to explore and expand his passion for drama and storytelling. Over the years, Mlungisi has worked with a number of groups, theatre companies, as well as established individual performers in different genres. Working with well experienced practitioners in his field, has played a major role in grooming and planting skills on how to utilize his talent, package it and deliver it to relevant audience Being a student at The Market Theatre Laboratory has had a great impact on the star, it exposed him to a world of endless exploration as he took part in big festivals and professional productions. ”I am a great team player, with drive, hunger to learn from anyone around my space, no matter how inexperienced they can be.” He added. Mlungisi spends most of his time producing new work, reading and watching other people's work. Knowing what's out there and current styles, keeps him on point and updated. He values individuals who respect and prioritize well when it comes to their craft as he is very attached to his craft. The star, Mlungisi Mathe, takes charge and leadership when it comes to what he believes in, especially the work that he has created from nothing. He is an innovative individual who believes in creating new work every day, coming with new ideas and thoughts is what he lives for. Mlungisi has developed the skill of working under any pressure and speed that is required of him at that time, he strongly believes in being an asset in every project that he involves himself with. "Work until the mind shuts down." – Mlungisi Mathe, 2014 Mlungisi Mathe graduated at the Market theatre Laboratory - Covered Theatre Studies and he is currently one of SABC 1’s most valued actor as ‘Emkay’ on the renowned soap opera Skeem Saam. Not only is he dedicated to his character, Mlungisi spends his weekends in classes teaching and passing on the craft to children. Skandi kid also has his debut single 'Badumile' which is making great waves in the Maskandi music genre across South Africa, single available on ITunes and all online music stores.

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