philippus boshoff

Philippus decided he wanted to be an actor when he was 14 and after high school he was accepted into the University of Texas, Arlington, to study Theatre Arts. After that experience, he was accepted into the University of Cape Town, but he did not attend. He started earning instead of spending. That’s when he realized that he might not want to be an actor, exclusively, but a filmmaker, and his career behind the camera began. Most of his time is spent as a grip, and he is a very capable grip, to say the least. But in between grip jobs, he has managed to find an acting role or two. Most notably that of Roelf Coetzee on KykNet’s Phil101. He has played in two short films for Silwerskerm and he has made an appearance on Hotel and Rhythm City. He loves working in the film industry and can’t see himself doing anything else. Be it as a grip or an actor, he is an intelligent filmmaker and an asset to the industry. He is sharp as a tack, hilarious, talented, and the most humble person you’ll ever meet.

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