phillru van achterbergh

Talented, funny and charming is a good start to understanding Phillru. He was brought up in an environment where the arts flourished. Despite from doing Eistedfodds from the age of six, he did his first professional production at the age of twelve Horings (Horns of sorrow) that travelled to KKNK in 2004. He went on to study Drama in 2009 at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), where he portrayed various leading roles in Winternag Vlug, Porselein, Glengarry Glen Ross and A Doll’s house to name a few. In 2012 he won the prestigious performer of the year award and the best performer at the Rostrum Roulette festival at the TUT Glass Crowns awards. In 2011 he starred in Lefra Productions’ Liewe Heksie and is still travelling all around South Africa. In 2013 he played Boris in the comedy farce My vrou se man se lyk se tas. He played Boris in my Boetie se boetie se boetie se baba. Both of which travelled all around the country and performed at all the festivals including the Oppiwater Kunstefees on the MSC Sinfonia. He also plays in a band Rembrandt van Rijn that also had their own show “Walk the Line” at the Oppiwater Kunstefees. This young writer, actor and performer wrote and directed his own production, Phill-biotika, which also starred at various theatres. And a lot more is to come.

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