river makings

River Makings matriculated from Krugersdorp high school in 2008 when he then pursued a professional career in artistic gymnastics. He spent his days and night perfecting his acrobatic skill which gave him the upper hand in stunt work and performing on stage. Between international competitions he spent his time learning to perform for an audience; he has performed numerous times at corporate events on stage for a live audience; his commercial experiences include Kellogs- South Africa; Bidvest- South Africa Super sport; DSTV Walka- South Africa. His stunting experience includes parkour stunt double for Kia- South Africa; gun man in the film Long Walk To Freedom’; River has also featured on kyknet and expresso where he presented his gymnastic achievements and career to the audience. He has worked with intellilab where he modeled for a 2014 ‘in motion’ calendar shoot. He did a number of showreel inserts of his career in gymnastics, parkour life and explanations of gymnastics apparatuses. River has his FIG level 1 gymnastics coaching diploma.


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