rogét ellis

Roget Ellis graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2011. After completing his Acting for Film course he started interning at the Gasser Group, an artist management agency in New York City, to get himself acquainted with the international industry. He performed in theatre productions such as The Hardy Boys, where he played Joe Hardy (Players Club Theater, NYC), Sterilization where he played the right-wing Nazi teenager Ludwig (Joria Productions Theater, NYC) as well as Hello and Goodbye playing Johnnie. He made his American Television debut on the Lifetime Channel's series My Life is a Lifetime Movie, starring as the episode lead, Decota. He also did a brief promo for the hit show Dallas's return on Good Morning America with Larry Hagman. After returning to South Africa he made his local television debut starring in 7de Laan as Hugo. Having worked with directors from all over the world, Roget aspires to bring something completely different to the industry.



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