sebastian schutte

He is a raw and an open guy sharing life stories to those who struggle. He fell in love working with children after his mother passed away, He started a charity in her honor, PandaCrew. Changing lives and focusing on our future leaders and education. Sebastian always had a passion for musicals and theater growing up, But never the less he never gave up on his dream to become someone that would make a difference, Sebastian did numerous modeling stunts for known designers, In 2016 he was approached to play a role in a theater production AS, playing a villain. As per Jannes Erasmus he suited the role because he had the rough tattoo look. He took on the South African state theater stage for the first time, as “Pottie” shortly after the role he played he was contacted to play the Bad boy in a music video for Suzzi Swanepoel, The bad Boy look stuck and he was the new guy around the block taking on a few other modeling opportunities, Sebastian loves making short films and directing for fellow artists, he believes that all of this little artistic moments ends up somewhere and will never be forgotten. And its beneficial to learn new techniques to produce exciting content, Sebastian aspires to grow his full potential being artistic, and believes that everyone deserves a chance to show what is buried deep inside all of them.

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