simeon hamman

Growing up in a very creative family, Simeon started his journey in the music industry at the tender age of 3 alongside his mother and mentor, Sonja Herholdt. With the release of his debut album middle 2012, Simeon has already commissioned two of the album tracks to the film ‘Ordinary People’ that was released in April. This incredible touching film tells the story of how the lives of a few South African families were impacted and radically changed by Angus Buchan’s crusades. Simeon’s unique voice cherished by young and old alike developed into an incredible adult voice skilfully combined in guitar and banjo driven Arikaans and English songs, written by Simeon himself and inspired by his life experiences. Shortly after completing high school, Simeon left for Europe and spent two years working and performing in London before coming home to complete his studies at The South African Music Institute. Not only did this International sabbatical provide him with incredible opportunities, the highlight of which was opening for Bryan Adams in 2008 at the Excel Centre in London, but it also allowed him to develop his own musical identity. Simeon put together a side band project from his solo career, called The Cover Ups – a classic corporate band that plays a combination of jazz, blues, swing and contemporary pop songs and have performed at various corporate functions, weddings and restaurants over the past few years, including Monte Casino, Legends Golf Estate, Sun City and Katzy’s. Simeon’s popularity has already started to grow as a result of the emotive duet ‘Ons Vlieg Saam’, that he performed with his mother on her latest album, Pêrels which recently reached gold status. He also collaborated with Jack Parrow on ‘Just Walk Away’ that formed part of the soundtrack to Babalas, a movie released mid 2013 nationwide. We are looking forward to see this incredibly talented artist win over the hearts of this nation and we are proud to be working with him! With his boy-next-door look, amazing personality and impeccable musicianship, Simeon is sure to leave deep footsteps in the hearts of all South Africans in the years to come. Simeon has released The Cover Ups album in October 2014 and his personal single “My Alles Jy” which has hit number one on many radio stations across SA.

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