stephan van huyssteen

Stephan started entertaining people at the very early age of 10 when he took part in a children’s choir for two operas on the stage of the Pretoria State Theatre. After that, the bug bit and he took part in numerous school musical productions. He matriculated in 2006 and went on to study drums for 1 year at SAMI groove regulators in 2007 to play his gr. 8 Trinity guildhall exam. At the end of that year he got asked to sing in an Il DIVO tribute show on the island of Menorca, Spain. He went on to do the show for 6 months in 2008 when he returned and continued with the group called BRAVO! In S.A. They released 2 albums, one of which was released in retail stores nationwide. While performing constantly with this light classical group, he was also doing another music course at COPA (where he completed 3 years in 1 with a dual major) and an audio technology certificate at SAE Institute, Cape town. Starting behind the bar of the Barnyard theatre in 2010, he later went on to doing the sound and eventually starred as vocalist, MC and actor and has done several productions for them, including tribute shows, Kid shows and a “light” version of the Rocky Horror Picture show. From 2012 - end of 2015 he was a full time member of the 3-piece boy band, NRG. He played his part as vocalist and guitarist/drummer in the band. NRG was also asked to be the in-house band for the “Huisgenoot Treffer Na Treffer” concert at KKNK 2013, where Stephan performed as drummer and vocalist in front of more than 7000 people for artists such as Heinz Winckler, Kurt Darren, Nicholas Louw, Ray Dylan, Romanz and many more including a performance as NRG themselves. Their final album, Roulette, was launched on July 2014 where he also wrote, co-wrote and pre produced several of the songs on the album. In the meantime he has starred in two rock musicals as the male lead (one of which was performed in the Arts Cape Opera house). This fueled his passion and hunger to now be an actor on tv and film which landed him as anchor TV presenter on the trendy music and lifestyle show, chatNOU on Kyk-net NOU. While keeping busy as performer, he also writes and produces music. He has done sound design, soundtrack and foley work for multiple student short films as well as a more professional short film while producing and writing songs for Artists like Heidi, MWAH!, Burgerd Botha and André Schwartz.

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