thabiso khumbule

Born and bred in Mahikeng, this young man today is a radio personality and knew he wanted to take this path since he was 4 years old. In Primary School and High school he was a sport fanatic, now he is a self-glorified gym and fitness freak. In Tertiary he studies Travel And Tourism ( 2007 – 2011 ), only to fall back on his dream of wanting to be a Radio Personality. A Year after he finished his studies he started working on Jacaranda FM as a Traffic presenter and anchor ( 23 April 2012 ). Thabiso ever since has never looked back and he is on The Complimentary Breakfast show weekdays 6am to 9am. Outside his on air life he is a believer in Jesus and offers a lot of his time to church, he is a husband, a father to a very handsome step son and a Dj in a band that goes by the name Black And White. Yes, very controversial, but it’s exactly what they are. Arod, also a very well-known character in the Radio world over lays with an electric drum set while Dj Cy-Co (Thabiso’s Stage Name) is on the decks and plays the music. The attention and excitement this draws is amazing. Thabiso is a very outdoorsy, fun, enthusiastic, always half full and go getter type of guy, or as he calls it, hustling!

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