tlholego chaba

Tlholego Chaba is a young and aspiring performing artist born and raised in Lobatse, Botswana. Despite growing up in a rather industrial town, he has always been inclined to the arts – taking part in school plays, traditional dance throughout his primary and junior school. He also received several best actor wards and best student in drama. His love for performing arts flourished when a play he was a lead in, won a national competition in the Botswana school drama competition. Though he never went on to study Performing arts, he went on and study Business Management in college and landed himself a job in the corporate market as an accounts clerk and soon realised that office work is not his thing. He was still doing drama part time with a community based drama group Practitioners of African Theatre, and he was also writing and directing school plays and won national championship and other local competitions in Botswana. He then plugged up the courage to resign from office work in 2012. His dedication and passion saw him landing the lead and main roles in several theatre productions, radio drama, movie series and television show. His versatility as a performer became evident through the portrayal of different characters from a lead as a thief in radio drama, 43 year old “Bra Billy, Pelo robala; to a bully LMS, in the movie series Bandleng session 1.0 :and also played different roles as a special guest appearing actor in signed international acting competition television show; also television commercials. He appeared on Generations Legacy on January 2015 as a “ fake Sangoma ”, and got a lead role on a metropolitan commercial playing Sivu on a Metropolitan commercial which is to run the whole of 2016 on television. He is hoping to show his presenting abilities hosting big events now than small events he has hosted back in Botswana. He is determined to harness his gifts and talents to become all he is destined to be.

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