tshiamo gladstone

Before anything else Tshiamo is a Character. It took him a while to be comfortable in his personality as he was shy and found it very difficult to express himself at first. He is the hardest working guy when it comes to self-development and inner growth having overcome his fear of self-expression and still continually works to better himself and his craft daily. Tshiamo loved the idea of being a tv presenter and an actor ever since he was young. He has the spirit, patience, attitude, people skills, sense of humour, brains, voice, talent, mojo and good looks to make it in this industry. Tshiamo was in an Advert in 2016 as an extra, an experience that made him want to take this on as a full time career. He trained at Just You for acting for camera and did Television presenting at Media concepts. More than anything else Tshiamo is self taught, self driven and self motivated. Tshiamo hopes to inspire a generation of young people who dream big but are afraid of the world or themselves, he hopes to be an example that fear has no power over our dreams.


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