welcome buda

Welcome is a young man who has always been too scared to follow his dreams but when he lost his job while working for a cellular company, he realized that chasing dead end jobs will never truly make him happy. He was not the most academic person in school and sports were not something he enjoyed too much. Every year he would be the master of ceremonies at the school’s (H/S Zwartkop) arts and culture week. He sustained serious head injuries while on his way to write exams in 2007 when a car hit him. He came back the next year and completed high school in 2008. Applied to study drama at 2 institutions but never got space and settled for Entertainment Technology in 2009 at The Tshwane University of Technology. His backstage experience has certainly given him more knowledge on how productions work and the process involved. Young, talented and ambitious are just a few words to describe him and he has a burning desire for the entertainment industry.

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