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Zander De Beer is a skilled, trained and experienced actor, driven by the art of creating and teamwork. Zander fell in love with the craft of acting at a very young age, and continued his passion throughout his school years. After he matriculated he got involved at NEMISA in Johannesburg and featured as Model to Live arts. He then later enrolled at AFDA Johannesburg and trained in “Live Screen Acting” - AFDA gave him the experience in numerous student short films etc needed to enter the Entertainment Industry in 2011 being introduced to the Talent-etc team. Zander then continued to book and feature in numerous commercial campaigns including clients like: Mnet (2013), Vuzu Amp (2016),Clash Of The Choirs (2016), Fly Your Flag SA (2010) and a few music videos since then. He also featured in some local series including: Binnelanders (2012) and Generations (2015) and Chat Nou KykNet (2017) etc. Zander also features in his own produced YouTube channel called “SayWhat” pushing out content where he Directs/Writes/Produces and Acts in lots of indie projects. He is also part of the one on one theater project called DEURnis where he acts on numerous occasions throughout the year. In 2017 Zander joined the BLOSS MAGAZINE team as Entertainment Editor, print and web publishing all that is entertainment news etc internationally and local. Zander is driven to produce work as an actor to the most professional standard being teachable and open to opinion, and also aspires to feature in International and locally produced films in the near future. “Life is to short not to be all kinds of creative”- Zander

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