andre velts

Andre Velts is a South African actor that is very versatile. In 2006 he played in his first International movie The Raven. In 2007 he started off with a bang by landing another International movie called Tunnel Ratz where he played Private Bevis in the Vietnam War. In 2008 he was really stretched by landing 2 main theatre productions, Paul witch played in KKNK and Nag van Legio where he played and ill Tempered man to perfection. While performing in theatre he also played in the TV drama series Hillside,Donkerland,Bloedbroers, Sterlopers and Marko on the soap Villa Rosa. Andre also Produced and Directed where he played Dr Zane in the ICU. His biggest role to date would be the main lead in the the movie Bloedspoor that is due in movie houses in 2008. Andre also played in several short films; 5 min Late, Sieklus, Canvas, Acting Heroes and several theatre productions like Babbelkous en Bruidegom; Hardloop dominee and Wetters.


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