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Ashley Manuels is not a newcomer to the South African Entertainment Industry having been involved in Community Theatre since the age of 12 back in 1992. He is skilled in the disciplines of Acting, Presenting and Voice Over work. He started out in Community Theatre in the town he lived in under the capable leadership of Joey Erasmus, well-known Cape Town theatre great! He helped establish a new Community Theatre Troupe and has been involved in the stage adaptation of The Jungle Book and other locally written and produced work. Moving to a new town in 1996, he received training by The Cape Flats Players which was in-depth and intense preparing him for his role as Chairperson of the new Community Theatre Group. It was also in 1996 that he first made his Television debut in the series Hagenheim: Streng Privaat with Denise Newman, Louis van Niekerk, Christo Davids and other great actors. He moved to the United Kingdom and its here where his passion for the Entertainment Industry was re-assured having been involved in Bollywood productions for a short while in 2006/07. After returning back to SA, he moved to Saldanha Bay, West Coast where he scripted, directed and starred in a few of his own productions. In 2013 he took the leap of faith and moved to Johannesburg to pursue his passion for the Entertainment Industry full time. Ever since his strategic move to Johannesburg, he started out as an extra on various soapies, including 7de laan, Binnelanders and Zabalaza! Having progressed to a Featured Background Actor with dialogue, he is now pursuing bigger and better opportunities. He also worked on an Afrikaans movie, Trouvoete, due for release in December, as well as Television Advertisements for Supersport and Radio 2000. In 2015, Ashley had his first leading role in a Kyknet Production for Ons Stories in the short movie, Heks van Gelukspoort, starring opposite the veteran actress, Nazli George under the capable Director Isabel Smith who is also an industry great! It is also during this time, after filming the movie, that he joined forces with Ms George and is now starring in her Children's Theatre productions that are touring through the whole of South Africa speaking out against social ills amongst communities. Ashley is a superb Presenter, Actor, MC as well as Voice Over artist. Having a natural talent for directing and script writing, he has also recently started with training from industry great, Karin Retief (producer-7de Laan). He was part of the founding members for a Community Choir in 2004, therefore he only sings on special occasions!


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