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John-Henry Opperman was born in the Free State town of Parys. With his father being a farmer and mother a restaurateur it meant he had to attend a boarding school from age six until finishing his secondary school education in 1997. He then attended the University of Pretoria and enrolled for a B.Com informatics degree. “It was a great privilege for me to experience an intensified form of life from a very youthful age. Growing up in boarding school gave me the chance to mingle with children from all walks of life. Some of which who had nothing and some who were dropped off for school on a Monday morning in the family helicopter” Throughout his school and university life he always found a way onto stage. Drama, singing, choirs, musicals and later being involved in the production side of stage events enjoyed most of his extracurricular time. By the time he had earned his degree he was working for a Pretoria-based software company. After hours, he found himself singing in the Afrikaans folk rock group Klopjag of which he was a founding member. In 9 years Klopjag has performed more than 700 shows all over South Africa and the United Kingdom. “It was during a Klopjag tour to the Eastern Cape (Mosselbaai, Uitenhage, Somerset-Oos and Cradock) that I started reading the book Roepman by Jan van Tonder and upon finishing it, while travelling on the back of a bakkie and sharing a mattress with a drummer, I was so taken with the book that I immediately took out my note book and wrote the author whom I did not know. I basically thanked him for a touching book and a magical encounter. I met him a few months after at the KKNK. He told the film’s producers that I was the spitting image of the title character and asked them to give me an audition for the role. I like to think of all of this as divine timing“ The chance to act in Roepman was a dream come true for Opperman.  Daunted by the task of performing alongside the best actors and actresses in South Africa he accepted the offer and the immense responsibility of portraying Van Tonder’s beloved character Joon. Away from the stage John-Henry is very much involved with web development as well as visual communication and marketing for corporate clients. He feels that this gives him the freedom to create honest work when it comes to his music and stage productions.
In his free time he likes to play golf, and socialise with friends he is said to have green fingers and has a worm farm that he uses to produce compost for his plants. Currently John-Henry is working on his cabaret show ROCK & ROLL & ROLBAL that will be on at the KKNK from 6-9April. He plays a musician who took up bowls in an attempt to lessen the shock of having to deal with every day change. As he gets ready for the show he takes the audience on a thrill ride into backstage areas  and lawn bowls locker rooms...


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