jonathan tifflin

Jonathan is a creative, hardworking and ambitious man, always pushing himself to be better in his craft. He fell in love with acting at a tender young age of 6 in pre-school when he portrayed a king confident and sure of his ability, later in primary school Jonathan had the privilege of being part of the Durban Boys Choir where sang with the Philharmonic orchestra and also with Hamburg Boys Choir. Jonathan went on to study the performing arts in 2007 and was cast in one of the lead roles in his first year at college (TaTaMa Chance), he later on went to perform in many stage productions in Durban and all around South Africa. In 2016 Jonathan got the chance to share the stage with well-known South African recording artist Matthew Mol and he acted in his first full length feature film, this year he will be sharing stage with one of South Africa’s top music recording artist and actors Gerhard Steyn. Jonathan loves acting and all things that pertain to it, when he is not acting he is creating and developing a show for the future his always thinking ahead.

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