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Mikee is from Rome in Italy and has been performing since he was a child, when he was 7 he started studying the Piano and started hip hop at 15. He always loved being on stage and in the 2015 he celebrated his 20 year carreer, with various projects as a vocalist under his belt along with a few of his own singles released. Mikee has also featured with other Italian Celebrities around the world. Being a well rounded performer he works as a model, vocalist, dancer, musician and an actor. He is also an author, songwriter and composer, he works for movies and commercial spots of the most famous brands all over the world. He’s also written for tv and cinema. When Mikee is on stage it’s the most natural feeling for him, creating a full connection with the audience. He can sing all kinds of music and change his character when it is required. For three years he has been the lead vocalist for Dancing With The Stars Italy which gave him the chance to meet one of the best dancer in the world Stefano Di Filippo who took Mikee to sing his single MA CHE NE SO at the World Superstar Dance Festival in Tokyo. Now he’s one of the performers and the official vocalist of Burn The Floor still in a world tour. Mikee has the opportunity to to share his talent as he does vocal coaching in between his gigs. Mikee started studing martial arts since he was 3 and now he has his Kung Fu International Club he is also a professional Bodyguard he has a Security and Investigations Agency in Italy. He aims to introduce his Brand around the world. But most of all, he’s a dreamer.

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