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Monde is a singer, songwriter and musician based in Gauteng, Pretoria. His soulful voice has been heard on Idols throughout Season 8 2012. He went against all odds to beat thousands of contestants and snatched the top 3 spot. He proudly holds a National Diploma in Music from TUT and a Diploma in Brand Communication from Vega School of Branding. He can take you comfortably along memories and emotions, a journey through Soul, R&B, Pop, Jazz & Rock. Monde is a seasoned singer and performer. Monde has been brewing an album that will intoxicate the hearts of South Africans with soulful melodic lines and lyrics that pull at the heart strings. Monde has performed on numerous stages both locally and internationally earlier in the past decade. Monde also lends his skilful voice on Musa Manzini’s latest offering, the album Trust In Love where his soothing melodic tone navigates through songs like “I’m In Love With You” and “Trust In Love”.

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