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As a character actor, Neil-Bennett is a master at portraying the weird and wonderful characters on South African film and television. So much so that he has managed to play two different roles on the same soap opera. Neil-Bennett featured in the comedy films Footskating 101, Hond se Dinges and Superhelde as well as numerous television series including Hard Copy, Innocent Times and Song for Katryn. He also performed in Luke and Uncle Max a British comedy series. Recently he completed a made for TV movie, The Quest, with acclaimed director Regard van de Berg. He has appeared in over a dozen short films, most notably Ace of Hearts which has won awards in Washington DC and Germany. To date his most glamorous assignment was an advert for Buick which spent two weeks filming in China, and the strangest, as a hand model, for a series of Yardley for Men ads. His soap opera appearances include Egoli, Rhythm City, 7de Laan and Generations. Neil-Bennett both directs and performs Industrial theatre productions where he gets to play many different characters at once. Always striving to make the audience laugh, cry or just feel plain uncomfortable, from lovable psychotics to stuttering serial killers, gay policemen or even a little heavy, Neil-Bennett continues to portray the undesirable or unusual in society.


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