what we offer
what we offer

Talent Etc provides a unique, exiting and new professional and effective management and agency service to performing artists (including musical theatre performers, television and corporate actors and performers, voice artists, musicians, solo artists and other personalities) aimed at enhancing quality in performance by ensuring professional service conditions and effective support to individual artists.

About our professional services

Apart from procuring, securing and facilitating employment opportunities, and in addition to comprehensive management and agency services, Talent Etc™, through its sister company brand Creative Etc™, will provide the following professional services to the artist:

  • Legal advice - Advice regarding all legal matters concerning the artist's employment in the entertainment industry
  • Financial advice - Advice regarding all financial matters concerning the artist's employment in the entertainment industry
  • Strategic advice -Strategic advice aimed at furthering and strengthening the artist's ability to obtain employment in the entertainment industry including public relations management and marketing
With support of
  • Internal and external marketing/publicity campaigns
  • Photography, Styling, Art Direction and Design services (relating to artist publicity)
  • Web Development and full house viral/online marketing solutions (relating to artist publicity)

As Etc-Holdings™ will provide these support services through its internal expertise and sister company brands, costs related to these services are not translated into higher commissions or any service fees.

Consequently, in order for Talent Etc to render professional and effective legal, financial and strategic advice, Etc-Holdings™ will require all creators, performing artists and production crew to exclusively direct all employment opportunities presented to the them by third parties, to Talent Etc™.

About value-added support

In line with the values and objectives of Etc-Holdings™ and by providing a quality service based on the premise of always supporting the artist to the fullest extent of Talent Etc's professional ability, Talent Etc strives to be an unwavering and resolute support structure for its artists, aimed at enhancing the artist's career, lifestyle and well-being.